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The Secret of My Love is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Song Chang-eui, Kang Se-jung, Kim Da-hyun, and Park Jung-ah. Plot : A man desperately wants to be "real," so he puts on a "real" mask. A woman wants to be loved so much that she throws out her younger sister and replaces her. The drama shows the struggles of these two, man and woman, who look for ways to find true happiness in their lives.

Department of Agricultural Research (DAR), formerly known as Agricultural Research Institute (ARI), is the only one research center of our country, Myanmar, for more than 6 decades now.
DAR is one of the government organizations, and has been established in 1954 as an Agricultural Research Institute (ARI) at Gyogon, Insein Township, Yangon attached with the Department of Agriculture (DOA). Farmer channel is a free-to-air television channel.